HED Grand Tour Alloy Stem - $89.00

HED stuck with a tried-and-true, race-proven recipe when it designed the Grand Tour Alloy Stem. Focused around the idea that a stem provides stiffness, strength, and light weight, the GTO is made with aluminum, which is one of the best materials out there to provide all three. The GTO Stem was developed around HED's GTO Handlebar to provide an ergonomically perfect cockpit for your road bike. HED specifically took modern brake/shift levers into consideration during the GTO's design to provide a comfortable, intuitive-feeling cockpit that provides plenty of leverage for climbing and a quick, comfortable transition into the drops when it's time to get low.The HED Grand tour Alloy Stem is available in 80mm through 140mm lengths, in 10mm increments, and comes in Black. - $89.00