Heattrak Heated Mats - $69.99

Keep your outdoor walkway and stairs free of snow and ice to ensure both your safety, and that of your guests. Plug these mats into any 120-volt outlet and watch them melt up to 2 of snow per hour. Theyre constructed of 100% waterproof thermoplastic material, and are made to be left outside for the whole winter season. Each mat set requires one HeatTrak Power Unit (sold separately) to connect the system to an electrical outlet. Each Power Unit can handle up to 15 amps thats five walkway mats, 15 stair mats, or any combination of the two. Certain layout applications require a 20 Cable Extender (sold separately) for longer cable connections between mats. For outdoor use only. Not for stable or kennel use. Two-year manufacturers warranty. Available:Heated Walkway MatDimensions: 60L x 20W. 3 waterproof connector cables.Voltage: 120 Vac.Watts: 300.Amps: 2.5.Heated Stairway MatDimensions: 30L x 10W. 20 waterproof connector cables.Voltage: 120 Vac.Watts: 72.Amps: 0.6. - $69.99