Head Mojo 90 Skis Waves - $369.95

Grab some air! Style Rules! But that doesn't mean any old piece of wood with a punk design will do the trick. Fact is: If you're looking for a clean take-off, a calm flight, and a solid landing, you'll need gear that is totally up to spec in terms of stability, grip, and light weight. The Head Mojo 90 ski is solid meets soft, agile meets smooth. In our opinion the best all-round park&powder ski there is. Complete with new graphics and an even faster UHM C base. Ski shown with recommended Binding. SKI PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE BINDINGS.Key Features of the Head Mojo 90 Skis: Skill: top skiers Terrain: off-piste, deep snow Style: excellent, sophisticated skiing technique Speed: superfast Length: 166 / 176 / 186 / 193 Radius: r=20.2 @176 Sidecut: 124/89/117 @176 Carbon Jacket UHM C base Heavy-duty construction - $369.95