Harsch Fermenting Crocks - $139.99

Make delicious sauerkraut and pickles the traditional way in this stoneware crockpot from Germany. Lactic-acid fermentation is one of the oldest methods of preservation and one of the healthiest. Vegetables preserved inside the crock develop a pleasantly sour taste and are rich in nutrients and vitamins, including lactic-acid bacteria thats been found to be key to intestinal health. Best of all, this process doesnt require any cooking. Just prepare ingredients, add salt, seal and set aside in a cool place. In 4-6 weeks youll enjoy the tasty results. Genuine Harsch crocks have a patented gutter on the rim that holds water, allowing fermentation gases to escape yet sealing out air and contaminants. This seal prevents yeast from growing on the inside like in other fermentation crocks. Two semicircular, weighing stones rest on top of the vegetables to ensure even fermentation. Each comes complete with pot, lid, weighing stones and instructions. Pots should only be filled to 80% capacity.Available:5 Liter - 11H x 9.5 dia. Weight: 23 lbs.10 Liter - 15H x 12 dia. Weight: 29 lbs.15 Liter - 17.3H x 11.6 dia. Weight: 38 lbs.20 Liter - 20.5H x 11.6 dia. Weight: 44 lbs.30 Liter - 24H x 11.6 dia. Weight: 51 lbs. - $139.99