Harricana Ear Muffs Head Band Womens Hat - $39.99

Harricana Ear Muffs Head Band Womens Hat - Hurricana is known for mastering the art of recycling noble fur materials into ready-to-wear accessories for the cold and blustery winter months. Since 1994 Harricana has been able to extend the life of more than 65,000 old fur coats, thus saving the lives of 650,000 animals. Specifically designed for women who do not like to wear hats while on the slopes, or while participating in outdoor activities. This pair of Harricana Ear Muffs are made of high quality fur that is hand picked, cleaned, cut, sheared and dyed to perfection before assembling and finishing this pair of Harricana Ear Muffs. This entire process is thorough, just in time for you to enjoy the great outdoors looking stylish, keeping warm and staying protected. Features: Leopard Ear Muffs made of Leopard Fur. Warranty: One Year, Battery Heated: No, Material: Synthetic, Lined: Yes, Type: Earmuffs, Model Year: 2012, Product ID: 247849 - $39.99