Handy Throttle ATV Throttle Kit - $39.99

Upgrade your ATV's thumb-controlled throttle with a motorcycle-style, handle-twist throttle and say goodbye to a sore, numb thumb on those longer and colder rides. Simple design mounts on any four-wheeler or snowmobile with standard 7/8 handlebars in just five minutes without replacing complicated throttle bodies or running new cables to the carburetor. Compatible with EFI and non-EFI units. For those times you may still want to use only a thumb throttle, the Thumb Twist Throttle Grip can be turned up and out of the way to let you do so. Built of high-quality ABS plastic, it's made to last. Optimum control is ensured by a textured rubber grip that fits over the Thumb Twist assembly. Type: ATV. - $39.99