Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem Solids - 90 Tablets - $26.93

Stock up on Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem Solids with this container of 90 tablets. Perpetuem tablets help you sustain your energy level during long runs, bike rides and workouts. Convenient tablets are easy to chew and easy to digest; they contain the same ingredients found in Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem in the powdered form. Perpetuem Solids can be used for workouts and races of any length but they're primarily designed for activities lasting more than 2 hrs. Provides athletes with the carbohydrates and protein needed for extended training and competitions. Contains carbohydrates derived from long-chain maltodextrins that have no added simple sugars; also contains l-carnosine to help prevent lactic acid buildup in muscles. Eat 1 - 4 tablets per hr. during exercise. Caffe Latte flavor contains 10mg of caffeine per serving. All flavors are gluten free and vegan. People with dentures or delicate teeth should use caution when using Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem Solids tablets. *Discount will be applied when you check out; offer not valid for sale-price items ending in $._3 or $._9. - $26.93