Hali Wirehook Jig - Chartreuse - $3.88

This innovative dropper jig incorporates a proven Hali dropper chain hook with tube-wire technology. Bright neon-colored tubes cover the metal wire that connects the jig body with the hook to combine with the lures flash for additional enticement. Jig it hard or give your fishing rod-tip a twitch any movement you supply adds strike-triggering, amplified wiggles to the lure and any bait you attach to the hook. The result will be more fish on the ice or on your stringer. Per each. Size: 5/16 oz. Colors: (001)Silver Black, (002)Silver Blue, (003)Silver Fluorescent Red, (004)Silver Fluorescent Yellow, (005)Pink, (006)Silver, (007)Gold, (008)Chartreuse. Color: Chartreuse. - $3.88