Hali Sukkula Jig - Chartreuse - $4.99

An innovative and effective lure for vertical jigging presentations and ice fishing. The slim, minnow-like body features lifelike eyes and enticing patterns. Each has a No.10 chain hook you can bait with a minnow or worm to create a tantalizing target predators will find hard to resist. Sizes: 1.25, 3/16 oz. 1.5, 5/16 oz. 2, 7/16 oz. Colors: (001)Blue/Red Glow Perch, (002)Soft Red Glow Minnow, (003)Chartreuse/Red Orange Glow Perch, (004)Soft Orange/Glow Perch, (005)Blue/Lime Glow Minnow, (006)Red/Yellow Glow Minnow. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Jigging Lures. - $4.99