H H Lures Trotlines - White (100 FOOT,25HOOK) - $9.99

The traditional trotline strategy, a secured mainline with many baited hooks, is renowned for drawing in and hooking multiple fish, especially catfish. The trotlines strong and wear-resistant mainline comes pre-rigged with 25 connected drop lines. These are equipped with a brass bead swivel and corrosion-resistant hook. The 150-foot trotline is pre-rigged with hooks wrapped on an easy set-and-retrieve bracket. Available: Floating, Nonfloating. Sizes: 100-foot nylon mainline with fused plastic stop beads. 120-foot polypropylene mainline 150-foot nylon mainline with fused plastic stop beads Colors: Black, White. Size: 100 FOOT,25HOOK. Color: White. Type: Trotlines. - $9.99