Gweighted Keel Standard, Duck Decoys - $104.88

These standard-size decoys with a weighted keel feature blow-molded, high-impact plastic construction for lightweight durability. Keel weight and counterbalance ensure they will stay righted in the roughest chop. The keel is designed with tie-offs at both ends. Front has built-in hook for quick anchor line adjustment. Standard size means you can haul in more to your hunting area. Select from various species with swiveled or stationary heads. Standard come per 12 (Six hens, six drakes). Pintail comes per 6 (three hens and three drakes).Available:Decoys with Swiveled HeadsPintail - per 6 (3 hens -15 long, 3 drakes - 20 long).Gadwall - per 12 (6 hens, 6 drakes), 17 long. - $104.88