Gweighted Keel M4sw Standard Swivel Head Mallard Decoys Per 12 - $129.99

Gdecoys remain a favorite of professional guides. With their exacting raised-feather detail and realistic eyes, these decoys will have you doing a double-take when you see them on the water. Each is authentically hand-painted with natural, long-lasting, non-glare bird colors for exceptional realism that will fool the wariest waterfowl. Plus, the irridescent green coloration of the drake mallard is molded into the plastic for a superior, scuff-resistant look for the life of the decoy. They have blow-molded, high-impact plastic construction for lightweight durability. Keel is designed with tie-offs at both ends. Front has built-in hook for quick anchor line adjustment. Keel weight and counterbalance ensure they will stay righted in the roughest chop. The M4 Standard Swivel Head models have new head positions. Includes two Sassy Suzie Greeters, four resting hens and six resting drakes. 16" long. Per 12. - $129.99