Guyot Designs TapGuard - $0.03

Did you know that Americans throw away an estimated 2.5 million plastic bottles each hour? The Guyot Designs TapGuard(TM) helps reduce this dizzying figure by improving the taste of tap water. By using the TapGuard and the 2 included carbon pouches you can save 400 plastic bottles, 65 lbs. of carbon dioxide, 2 gallons of oil and $500 of your hard-earned cash. TapGuard utilizes an activated carbon pouch to remove chlorine, iodine and other bad tasting chemicals; removes up to 95% of chlorine. Package includes the food-grade silicone TapGuard and 2 carbon pouches, which each deliver 100 liters of better-tasting water. Fits easily into most wide-mouth water bottles, including CamelBak and Nalgene; pop the TapGuard into your bottle, sip through the grated mouth hole and enjoy. Additional carbon pouches are sold separately. As part of the Guyot Designs C-Minus(TM) program, the TapGuard is more than just ''carbon neutral,'' it's actually ''carbon negative''. Guyot Designs purchases enough carbon offsets to not only neutralize the production impacts of TapGuards, but to actually reduce greenhouse emissions. Each TapGuard carries enough carbon offsets to account for more than 50 lbs. of verifiable greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Every product in the C-Minus program receives a unique serial number, allowing you to verify the carbon offsets at the Guyot Designs website. Please note: The Guyot Designs TapGuard is for use with safe water sources only. - $0.03