Umpqua Gummy Minnow - Chartreuse - $7.49

The biggest and baddest fish eat other fish. It is for this reason the skilled streamer fisherman will usually account for the largest game fish on a fly rod. The Gummy Minnow's shape, size, feel and available colors perfectly replicate real minnows. These flies are made with Sili skin, a rubber-like material that will stretch without breaking and snap back to its original shape. Complete with realistic eyes and an iridescent, almost transparent appearance, these baitfish imitations are sure to grab the attention of large predatory saltwater and freshwater fish. Per each. Sizes: 8, 6, 2. Colors: (008)Brown, (009)Green, (014)Blue, (020)Pearl, (096)Chartreuse, (116)Clear. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Saltwater Flies. - $7.49