GU Electrolyte Brew Drink Mix - Canister - 2012 Special Buy - $17.73

Keep performing at your best with the GU Electrolyte Brew(TM) drink mix. It helps you replenish essential sodium, potassium and carbohydrates to keep your body in balance when it's working hard. Consisting of just a handful of key ingredients, GU Electrolyte Brew isn't overloaded with unnessary additives. Vital electrolytes, complex and simple carbohydrates and all-natural flavors combine for an effective mix that is easy on your stomach. Drink 16 - 24 fl. oz. of GU Electrolyte Brew 1 hr. before activity and then consume 20 - 30 fl. oz. per hr. during excercise. Use in conjunction with GU Sports gels or GU Roctane Sports gels (not included) for the ultimate hydration and fueling solution. GU Electrolyte Brew drink mix does not dissolve well in icy cold water; add mix to warm or room temperature water and top it off with cold water. Special buy. - $17.73