GSM Cyclops Flare and Flare Sport Spotlights - $33.74

These compact, handheld spotlights boast high-power LEDs for long-range viewing and ergonomic, rubberized grips for comfortable operation. Both operate on six AA batteries (included). Available: Flare Its six LEDs have a 45-lumen output, two light modes (6-green and 3-white) and more than 11 hours of run time. It also has three, 1-watt Luxeon high-power LEDs for long-range viewing with 3 hours of run time. Includes lanyard wrist strap. Flare Sport Its three, 1-watt high-power LEDs have a 210-lumen output and boast a 4-hour run time on high power. Type: Spotlights. - $33.74