Grip Chain Hoists - $94.99

From big game to engine blocks, these portable, easy-to-operate hoists are just what you need to handle all your heavy lifting duties. Choose from the 1/2-ton model for lighter lifting or the heavy-duty 1-ton model for larger chores. Both are constructed of rugged carbon steel with drop-forged hooks. The one-ton model has a standard lift height of 8 ft. and a headroom (hook-to-hook) of 11-3/4 . The 1/2-ton model has a standard lift height of 10 ft. and an 11 headroom. The load chain on both models is 3mm chain with 1-1/2 long links. Available:1/2-ton, 22:1 Ratio1-ton, 32:1 Ratio - $94.99