Grenade Spray Full Zip Hoodie - $10.95

Are you looking to make a statement with a great looking hoodie Well you are always guaranteed a great looking product when you buy from the people at Grenade. It always seems like they are coming out with one great looking product after another. This Grenade Spray Full Zip Hoodie is no exception to that. This hoodie offers a great looking design with a giant Grenade on the left chest. It then has a splatter effect design around the grenade that really looks gnarly. It's not only the fact that the hoodie looks great, but it's the fact that it is made out of quality materials that will have you keeping your body temperature right where you want it. The zip up style of the hoodie really offers a convenient way to strip layers and stay at the perfect temperature by simply adjusting the zipper. It's a great looking hoodie that also performs just as good as it looks. - $10.95