Great Northern Art Limited Edition Prints - $79.88

This Great Northern Art print will make a stunning impression in any room. It features an acid-free, double-mat presentation in a handcrafted solid-wood frame finished with rich, walnut-colored stain. This framed print is an open edition and is not signed or numbered.Image size: 17" x 23".Framed size: 25" x 31". Available:Pals IV - Thanks Dad: A father and son share a memory neither will soon forget, dragging that big buck out of the woods. The two men are in their own world, more than likely talking about shot placement that brought down a prize like this one or the hours of practice that were all worth it. This scene, created by Thomas Wosika, will undoubtedly remind every hunter of the day he first pulled a deer out with his dad.Abandoned Farmstead: Carefully stepping into a fallow field, a splendid whitetail buck watches over two does. His antlers instantly capture the eye and point to an abandoned barn in the background to complete this rustic scene by Rosemary Millette. Quiet Approach: Spotting a head peeking through the weeds is every spot-and-stalk hunter's dream. Seeing a rack like this one attached to it is what the hunter lives for. This open edition by Michael Sieve captures the thrill of stalking deer in heavy cover.Great Bird Dogs - Black Lab: Possibly the most popular dogs in America, black Labs make great companions, great hunters and great family dogs. This open edition by Michael Sieve captures the Lab at his proudest moment, retrieving a bird during the hunt.Great Game Animals - Whitetail Deer: The glint of sunlight off of a majestic set of antlers will warm the spirit of any outdoor enthusiast. A crisp day in the midst of autumn's harvest finds patriarchal bucks parading through the fields - the rut is on!Crisp Winter Light - Pheasants: Wispy clouds in the background mirror the wing pattern of pheasants in flight. Simultaneously, the intense sunlight breaks through the trees to create powerful beams. Acclaimed wildlife artist Anthony Padgett meti - $79.88