Gravis San Lucas Sandals Sand Denim - Men's - $7.95

The Gravis San Lucas Sandals contain cotton damask top deck materials, a nylon webbing toe post, and a synthetic leather strap with canvas underlays. These carefully selected, high quality materials ensure the long life of the sandal, as well its durability. The Gravis San Lucas Sandal offers the wearer arch support, and a top deck that is made from soft-touch, EVA foam, which also features massaging nubs, specially designed to give the wearer stimulating comfort. With a mesh lined strap and durable traction outsole, the Gravis San Lucas contains all of the elements necessary for unparalleled comfort, function, and durability.Key Features of the Gravis San Lucas Sandals: Cotton damask topdeck materials Arch support Synthetic leather strap with canvas underlays Mesh lined strap Nylon webbing toe post New molded top deck with massaging nubs Soft touch eva foam topdeck Durable traction outsole - $7.95