Gravis Gemini Hi Skate Shoes 80S - $35.95

Are you a high top kind of man Do you hate how those low cut shoes look Do you just love the comfort and stability that a high top shoe gives you Well if you want an amazing looking high top shoe then you''ve gotta give this Gravis Genmini Hi Shoes a try. These shoes have a truly refined look to them, so you won''t look like some eighth grader with some flashy glittery shoes on. No, this shoe has a very simple and classy looking design to it. It also very efficient in the skating department, so you not only have a shoe that looks great, but a shoe you can actually get some use out of and enjoy yourself on your shred stick.Key Features of The Gravis Genmini Hi Shoes: Premium Leather and Canvas Upper New Decorative Upper Mesh Padded Comfort Lining Sport Support Cushioning Footbed High Traction Vulcanized Rubber Outsole - $35.95