Grande Bass Rattlesnake'O - Black/Blue - $4.99

Strike back at lunker largemouth with this unique soft-plastic stick bait. Unique blend of a smooth head with ringed tail creates unbelievable, fish-catching action on the drop and retrieve. Loaded with proprietary Mega3 scent, plus it features microsalt for added attraction in any water condition. Extremely versatile, this soft plastic can be fished in just about any way imaginable Texas or Carolina rigged, weightless or drop-shotting. Per 8. Size: 5. Colors: (209)Green Pumpkin, (210)Watermelon Red Flake, (211)Green Pumpkin/Green/Purple, (270)Black/Blue Flake, (575)Falcon Lake Craw, (590)Trophy Hunter. Color: Black/Blue. Type: Worms. - $4.99