Gorilla Glue Adhesives - $4.88

If you're looking for unbeatable strength, look no further than Gorilla Glue Adhesives. Reliable and versatile enough to tackle countless repairs and projects, these are must-have products for any homeowner. Made in USA. Available: Gorilla Glue It won t break down when wet, is 100% waterproof, and it's unaffected by extreme hot and cold temperatures, so it's perfect for indoor or outdoor projects. Bonds to all kinds of wood, stone, metal and ceramics. Out of the bottle, it covers more surface area by foaming up to three times its size and it remains easy to work with before hardening after only 15 minutes. Dries as a neutral, light tan. Once dry, glue is easily sanded and can be painted or stained. Size: 2 oz. Gorilla Tape The toughest tape around. The all-weather shell withstands UV rays, abrasions and it's a tight barrier against moisture. The high-fiber-count cloth-reinforced backing conforms to surfaces with ease and dependable strength. The double-thick adhesive surface fills in gaps, and it excels at gripping rough, porous and imperfect surfaces. Width: 1". Gorilla Precision Glue Pen Once out of the easy-to-use container, this incredibly strong glue is workable for up to 10 minutes, sets within 30-60 minutes, and dries with a white color many household projects and repairs require. Glue's versatility lets you to sand, paint or stain it. Once cured, glue is unaffected by extreme heat or cold. 100% waterproof. Size: .75 oz. Gorilla Super Glue Household repairs are quick and manageable with a glue equipped with an anti-clog nozzle, a thickened formula for improved flow control, a 30-second drying time and more than twice the impact strength of the leading super glue. Formula's unique rubber particles increase impact resistance and strength. Bonds with glass, wood, metal, ceramics and plastics. Size: .53 oz. - $4.88