GoPro HD HERO3 Battery BacPac - $49.99

Go the distance with the life-extending HD HERO3 Battery BacPac, for use with any GoPro camera. Because getting cut off at the moment of climax, when you're straightlining out of that chute, the sun is finally setting on your marathon time-lapse, or at the nail-biting finale of the motorcross is not at all pro-like. Slap on the BacPac, double the battery life, and elevate your cred as you archive the insanity.Battery BacPac with integrated, rechargeable Li-ion battery for extended use for marathon action, time-lapse, or any time you want more battery life Standards and skeleton backdoors for those with waterhousing seals in and protects your BacPac from inclement weather and impact USB cable connects you for easy upload and sharing Protective case keeps your BacPac safe and sound in high-action hustle and bustle - $49.99