GoPro 3D Hero System - $99.99

The 3D Hero System from GoPro will let you combine two HD Hero cameras into one housing so you can record 3D video and photos while also recording in 2D. This system comes with a 3D sync cable that simply plugs into the back of the Hero port to join both cameras together, which enables you to record video and photos is synchronization. Mounting system is compatible with all GoPro accessories, 3D Waterproof housing is rated 180'/6om deep, 3D Hero sync cable, 3D Anaglyph glasses, Helmet front mount, 2 flat and 2 curved adhesive mounts, GTIN: 0185323000408, Model Number: AHD3D-001, Product ID: 257737, Model Year: 2014, Category: Helmet Cams, Race: No, Warranty: One Year - $99.99