Goodhew Sunrise / Skinny Minnie Socks - Women's 2-Pack - $12.83

The Goodhew Sunrise / Skinny Minnie 2-Pack collection gives you 2 great styles for 1 great price! They are designed for comfortable, everyday performance. Goodhew socks are also crafted on state-of-the-art machinery in American mills and made from homegrown, beautiful merino wool. Merino/bamboo fiber blend balances the softness, durability and heat-regulating properties of merino wool with naturally antimicrobial and luxurious bamboo. Spandex is used throughout the entire sock to ensure a snug fit all day long and to prevent slipping inside shoes. Flat toe seams ensure you don't even notice they're there. Turn welt tops help keep the socks in place and provide a clean top finish. Sunrise socks feature Y-heel construction, and the Skinny Minnie's have extra arch support; both features reduce sock slippage inside shoes. Fabric content for Skinny Minnie: 30% merino wool/30% bamboo from viscose/35% stretch nylon/5% spandex. *Discount will be applied when you check out. Offer not valid for sale-price items ending in $._3 or $._9. Please note: a package of 2 pairs counts as 1 pair of socks for the 10% volume discount. - $12.83