Goldcoast The Whizz Skateboard - $59.83

The Goldcoast Whizz 24 in. cruiser is really hot right now, and whether you are headed to school, the market or just around town, you'll be doing it in high style! Compact 14 in. wheelbase; the Whizz stashes in your backpack, trunk or locker when you're not skating. Not only will you lower your carbon footprint by skating everywhere, but you'll be treading lighter by purchasing this skateboard made from recycled plastics. Cherry bomb wheels offer a soft, cadillac-like ride; genuine Goldcoast ABEC 7 bearings allow you to go super fast. Smooth-riding Century 79mm trucks and 93a bushings. Pan plastic shape has a raw tumbled finish; no need for grip tape. Please note: wheel colors may vary from photo. - $59.83