Gold Tip Laser IV Bolt - $39.88

Made with Gold Tips Smart Carbon technology, Laser IV bolts are guaranteed to be durable with consistent straightness retention, shot after shot. The 100% carbon of the Laser IV bolts are designed to withstand the immense drive behind todays high-powered crossbows that are only getting faster and more powerful. Made with a heavier weight and a stiffer construction, the Laser IV bolts increase kinetic energy for increased penetration and knockdown power. Flat shooting and hard hitting for quick big-game takedowns. Fletched with 4 VMAX vanes. Black finish with 13.9 gpi. Brass 60-gr. inserts, 23-gr. aluminum moon nocks. Per 6.Lengths: 20 (490 gr.), 22 (518 gr.).Straightness factor: .005.Weight tolerance: 2 gr. Type: Bolts. 22". - $39.88