Goal Zero Torch Solar Crank Flashlight - $39.95

Be ready for power outages and spontaneous road trips with the Goal Zero Torch Solar Crank flashlight. It can be powered by its built-in solar panel, AC/DC input or hand crank. 18 LEDs on the side provide soft flood light and 4 LEDs on the top throw a spot beam; side LEDs run for 12 - 15 hrs. and the top LEDs run for 10 -12 hrs. on a full charge. NiMH battery fully recharges in 6 - 7 hrs. from a vehicle power outlet; in sunny weather, the battery recharges in 9 - 10 hrs. using the built-in solar panel. Or you can use the dynamo hand crank to recharge; 1 min. of cranking provides 10 min. of light. The Goal Zero Torch Solar Crank flashlight includes a 12V adapter for recharging the battery via a vehicle power outlet. - $39.95