Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit - $94.88

Goal Zeros Guide 10 Plus Mobile Kit features the Nomad 3.5 Solar Panel and the Guide 10 Plus rechargeable battery pack. Use the Nomad 3.5 to charge your handheld device from the sun or charge the Guide 10 plus battery pack and store power for later. Forget about buying alkaline batteries. With this system, you can recharge AA or AAA batteries. Comes equipped with a handy built-in LED flashlight. Nomad 3.5 Solar Panel is rugged and portable. Pocket protects gear while charging. Tech Specs Guide 10 Plus Battery PackApprox. Charge Time:Any USB Power Source: 8-10 hoursGoal Zero Nomad 3.5 (solar port): 6-8 hoursGoal Zero Nomad 7 (solar port): 2-4 hoursInputsUSB: mini port 5V, 0.7A max (3.5W)Solar port: 6.5V, 1.5A max (7W)OutputsBatteriesFour AA or AAA** NiMH cellsUSB: Standard Port 5.0V, 1.0A max (5W)Flashlight: 100mW white LED, 100+ hours*InternalBattery Capacity: 10 Wh*, use only NiMH cellsLifespan: hundreds of cycles*Shelf Life: 12 months*GeneralWeight w/Batteries: 0.4 lbs (0.18 kg)Dimensions: 2.5 x 4 x 0.75 in (6 x 10 x 2 cm)Warranty: 12 MonthCertificationsFCC and CEOptimal Operating Temp.32-104F (0-40 C)*When using Goal Zero NiMH rechargeable low self-discharge AA cells.**AAA Cells require an adapter, which is included with AAA battery purchase.Tech specs Nomad 3.5 Solar PanelCharges the following:Goal Zero Guide 10 plus: 6-8 hoursCellphone, mp3 player: 2-5 hoursInputsSolar Panel Rated Wattage: 3.5WCell Type: MonocrystallineOpen-circuit voltage: 6.5-7VConverting Efficiency: 17-18%Cell Area: 0.0199 m2OutputsUSB Port: 5V, 0.5A max (2.5W), linear regulatedSolar Port (for Guide 10 plus): 6-6.5V, 0.5A max (3.0W), not regulatedGeneralWeight: 0.5 lbs.Dimensions (folded): 7 x 5.5 x 1.Dimensions (unfolded): 14 x 7 x 0.5.Warranty: 12 MonthsCertificationsFCC and CEOptimal Operating Temp.32-104 F Type: Solar Charger. - $94.88