Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit - $101.59

Developed by an entrepreneur who recognized the need for portable light in the remote regions of the Congo,Goal Zero products are rapidly gaining popularity with hunters, backpackers and adventurers around the world. Field-proven in the most remote regions, these portable lights will change the way you camp. Available: Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack Packs enough power to recharge your cell phone one to three times and add up to 30% on your tablet. Charge AA/AAA batteries from the sun using a Nomad 3.5 or 7 solar panel. Stores power for charging devices day or night. Recharge from any USB. Built-in LED flashlight runs up to 150 hours per charge. Perfectly sized for a pocket or purse. Includes four-pack of AA rechargeable batteries. Tech specs: Output Port USB: 2.5 watts (5V:1A) General Weight: 6.4 oz. Dimensions: 2.5 x 4 x 0.75. Warranty: 12 months Operating Temperatures Optimal Operating: 32-104F / 0-40C Optimal Storage: 32-86F / 0-30C Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit Goal Zeros best-selling kit is capable of charging your smartphone, GPS, iPod or other handheld device directly from the sun in one to two hours via the included Nomad 7 Solar Panel. Or charge up the Guide 10 Plus battery pack and then recharge your phone later one to three times. Forget about buying alkaline batteries use this kit to recharge AA or AAA batteries from sun. It also can be used to power up your tablet for 25% longer. Handy built-in LED flashlight. Pocket protects gear while charging. Kit Includes: Nomad 7 (7 watts) Solar Panel DC adapter cable USB cable Solar Cable Guide 10 Plus battery pack Four AA rechargeable batteries Tech Spec Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack Approx. Charge Time: Any USB Power Source: 8-10 hours GOAL ZERO Nomad 3.5 (solar port): 6-8 hours GOAL ZERO Nomad 7 (solar port): 2 - $101.59