Goal Zero Extreme Portable Solar Power Units - $119.99

Developed by an entrepreneur who recognized the need for portable power in the remote regions of the Congo,Goal Zero products are rapidly gaining popularity with hunters, backpackers and adventurers around the world. Field-proven in the most remote regions, these portable power devices are smart, reliable power solutions that will change the way you explore and travel. Available: Extreme 350 Battery Pack Step up to big power the Extreme 350 Solar Generator Kit. Great for working and playing off-grid or during a power outage. Charge from sun, wall or car. Easy to carry and use. With inverter, plug in devices, lights and tools like you would to a wall outlet. Ideal for base camps, summer cabins or outages. Charge any device: USB, 12-volt and AC outputs (requires UI). Power laptop for an extra 10 hours, cell phones for 350+ hours. LED screen monitors power draw. Chain up to three together for 1,400 watts of power. Tech Specs: Charging Times Wall (AC): 7 hours Nomad 13.5 (Solar): 27 hours Nomad 27 (Solar): 13 hours Boulder 15 (Solar): 23 hours Boulder 30 (Solar): 12 hours Escape 30 (Solar): 12 hours Expect 2-4X longer charge times depending on weather conditions when charging by solar. Input Sources AC Wall Charger: 45 watts (15.3V:3A) DC 12V*: 120 watts (12V:10A) DC Solar Panels: Depends on solar panels Output Port USB*: 2.5 watts (5V:0.5A) DC 12V barrel*: 120 watts (12V:10A) AC Inverter*: 400 watts (110V:0.9A) Fuse Protection: 20A (protects 12V barrel) *Products not included with the Extreme 350 battery alone Internal Battery Battery Type: AGM Battery Battery Capacity: 350 watt hours (12V:33A) Battery Voltage: 12 Vdc (nominal) Temp. Controller: Shuts down input port if temp. is 122F Life Cycles: 500 - 1,000 (5+ years) Shelf Life: 6 months (stored 70) General Weight: 26 lbs. Dimensions: 9 x 10 x - $119.99