Goal Zero Bolt Focus Flashlight - $36.93

You won't have to spend any more money on batteries once you pick up the Goal Zero Bolt Focus flashlight. Its lithium-ion battery can be recharged from a USB port or standard wall outlet. High-quality 3-watt Cree LED outputs 160 lumens on high and illuminates objects up to 120m away. A simple press of the button switches the flashlight from high to low. Twist the ring on the head of the Bolt to adjust the focus of the beam from flood to spot. Internal battery can be recharged from a USB output found on a computer or solar panel, or from a standard household wall outlet; 5 hrs. of charging provides 3 hrs. of runtime. The Goal Zero Bolt Focus flashlight includes a USB charger and an AC wall charger. Also comes with a lanyard that goes around your wrist, or use it to hang the flashlight. - $36.93