Goal Zero Adventure Kit with Sherpa 50 Power Pack and Nomad 13 Panel - $269.93

The Goal Zero Sherpa 50 adventure kit combines the portable convenience of the Sherpa 50 power pack with the compact and efficient Nomad 13 solar panel for sun-powered juice on the go. Sherpa 50 power pack offers a versatile, go-anywhere power source that charges USB-, 12V- and AC-compatible devices, including laptops, tablets, e-readers and smartphones. Fully charged, the Sherpa 50 can double the battery life of a laptop or tablet, and can extend the battery life of an e-reader 5 times and a smartphone by 7 times. Simply charge the power pack up from a wall, solar panel, computer or car adapter and bring it along anywhere you go that lacks a power source. Output ports include USB, 12 volt auto and 12 volt sidecar; optional AC inverter sold separately. Sherpa 50 hold a full charge for up to 8 months. LCD status monitor tracks remaining power level in 20% increments; integrated charge controller helps protect the internal battery and connected devices from electrical spikes. The Nomad 13 solar panel is the perfect power source when space is tight and ounces count; 4-panel array provides plenty of solar power wherever you may roam. Highly efficient, mono-crystalline panels collect 13W of power from the sun and charges up the Sherpa 50 power pack in 6 - 10 hrs. The weather-resistant Goal Zero Nomad 13 solar panel features a compact and lightweight folding case that is tough and weather resistant. Kit includes Sherpa 50 power pack, AC waller charger, AC cord and 12V car adapter. - $269.93