GNU Eco-Genetics C2 BTX Snowboard - 2012/2013 - $599.95

The GNU Eco-Genetics C2 BTX snowboard conquers big-mountain terrain with ease. Smooth ride and lively pop perfectly describe the feel of the Eco-Genetics C2 BTX snowboard. C2 BTX technology features Banana Tech rocker between the feet and camber at the tip and tail, delivering amazing float whether you're riding regular or switch. Camber provides end-to-end stability and plenty of pop for boosting off natural terrain; Banana Traction technology offers carving performance and soft-snow float. Magne-Traction offers 7 contact points on each side of the board, resulting in amazing control whether riding ice or pow. Directional Twin shape is ideal for conquering deep powder through the trees. Eco-Genetic wood core combines bamboo, aspen and balsa wood with double sintered sidewalls, offering incredible pop, strength and control. LCP liquid crsytal polymer thermo-treated polyester fibers are built into the board, and offer 10 times the strength of titanium and incredible vibration absorption. Bio Beans topsheet is made from castor beans and features a high strength-to-weight ratio-it stands up to big drops and lift line scrapes and scratches. Sintered base is not only fast, it's also durable and highly wax absorbent; you'll spend less time performing maintenance and more time riding. GNU Eco-Genetics C2 BTX snowboard graphics by Adam Haynes of Bend, Oregon. . - $599.95