Giro Saros Helmet - $64.98

To us, the hallmark of a Giro design is three central vents. You'll see them on this Giro Saros Helmet. It was part of the original Prolight design, and just about everything they've done subsequently has three prominent central holes. To us, this trident conveys stability and balance. Giro also builds on older designs; while they never add baroque touches, they add little practical flourishes. This helmet hearkens to the long-gone Eclipse while moving forward to the contemporary. A nice trickle-down tech bit is the Roc Loc 5, Giro's most comfortable and easiest to use retention system to date and the same system used on their top-of-the-line Ionos. Giro engineers took out 40% of the weight of the popular Roc Loc 4 system at the same time they made it more adjustable and more comfortable. What's different you might ask' For starters, the indexed Micro Dial on the back lets you adjust the tension to perfection with a two fingered twist. It's that simple. And the Three Position Bracket allows 15mm of vertical adjustment in the retention basket -- enough to fit any head shape comfortably. But what's comfort without ease of use' Giro facilitates quick donning of your casque with clever strap management. The retention basket has strap holders to ensure that they'll be right where you want them by the time the helmet falls into place on your melon.The Saros features an in-molded polycarbonate shell that, when combined with the expanded polystyrene liner, creates a structural skeleton that is abrasion resistant for those high speed slides across the pavement and also has great potential to absorb direct high-speed impacts. It also has Giro's Roll Cage technology. Don't worry about looking for it; you'll never see it. It's a net of tough nylon that is molded into the foam liner of the helmet. What it will do for you is keep the helmet from chunking apart like a rotten ice chest when you have a bad crash. - $64.98