Giro Monaco Long Finger Glove - $35.96

While the Giro Monaco is also available in an airy and lightweight short-fingered version, these Monaco Long Finger Gloves are a full-fingered model with less venting, but a thicker, sturdier back. They have a Pittards leather palm that nearly guaranteed to not stretch or deform. It also features perforations for breathability, and it's complimented by a subtle Technogel padding at selective points of the hand. In fact, Giro placed this support heavily outside of the heel of the palm -- a point that endures the most jarring over the course of a long ride. The palm itself features Giro's Super Fit Engineering, which is a fancy way of saying that Giro doesn't buy off-the-rack glove patterns. Instead, Giro cuts its own patterns based on intended use, padding zones, and grip level. So, mountain bike gloves receive a different pattern than the road-going Monaco gloves, and the same goes for more heavily vented gloves, half-finger gloves, and so on. For the Monaco's mountain application, special attention was paid to preventing bunching at the junction of fingers and palm. And by the way, each glove size undergoes Giro's Super Fit Engineering process. The back of the Monaco Gloves is made of a four-way-stretch mesh, and the back of the thumb has fine-nap, soft microfiber, so it's gentler as a nose or brow wiper. The Giro Monaco Long Finger Gloves are available in five sizes from Small to XX-Large and in the colors Mono Black and White/black. - $35.96