Giro Mele Triathlon Shoes - $159.96

We don't have to tell you that triathlon shoes are a whole different ballgame than traditional cycling shoes. And luckily for your feet, Giro already understands the fundamental differences. With Giro's Mele Triathlon Shoes, you receive the ideal blend between comfort and power -- easier said than done. To achieve this golden ratio, Giro engineered the Mele Triathlon shoes to ride the line between comfort and rigidity. As you've probably experienced, triathlon shoes tend to lean towards one polar extreme or the other. In our experience, we find that most manufacturers develop the outsole as stiff as possible, only to later compensate with the upper design. However, through its partnership with Easton in the development of the Mele's EC70 carbon fiber outsole, Giro was able to integrate both properties, seamlessly. The EC70 outsole features a low stack-height that dramatically reduces weight, while still retaining an impressive level of stiffness. But, if the sole is too stiff, your feet are going to suffer on the running leg of the course. That's where EC70's fiberglass composite comes in. This element of the construction permits just enough flex over the arch to maintain a consistent level of blood flow. Even further along the lines of comfort, Giro and Easton designed the transition point between the outsole and the upper to allow 'spill over.' Instead of wrapping up the corners of the carbon, the Mele greets the ball of the foot with the upper. This means that when your feet either swell or expand, say when you stand on the pedals, the EC70 outsole permits the room for this expansion to occur. So, you can say goodbye to hot spots and one of the most common points of abrasion. You'll also find that the flow of thoughtful designs carries over to the insole and uppers of the Mele. Starting at the uppers, breathability is the name of the game. Take a look, and you'll see that a majority of the surface area is constructed from air mesh. - $159.96