Giro LX LF Cycling Gloves - $55.96

The Giro LX Long Finger Gloves are a stylistic throwback to an era of steel framed bicycles, chrome plated toe clips, and Benotto Cello handlebar tape. Just because they look retro, though, doesn't mean they aren't made with 21st-century materials. Starting at the palm, the LX gloves use the washable, durable, and vented Pittards WR100X leather. The palm has four separate panels, and they stitch together at the natural crease zones for enhanced flexibility around the handlebars. There are two 3mm-thick Technogel pads on the lower-outside of the palm. Additionally, Giro designed them as to not flatten out over time. We find that this trait is particularly useful when you have your hands in a thumb forward position on the hoods or in the drops. And even better, the gel pads provide just enough shock absorption to make the long miles feel a touch easier. At the back of the hand, the LX gloves are made of perforated Cabretta leather with inset panels of stretch woven wool. Since these gloves are made almost entirely of leather, Giro designed them to fit snugly when new, however, they will achieve a conforming stretch over time. The one thing that you're probably wondering is what kind of care these gloves actually need' Are they something you can only wear when the weather is just right, or only when it's sunny and dry' The answer to both questions is no. The LX gloves are intended to be worn daily, and we find that they're just right for brisk, early season weather. This insight is more valuable than you think, as the classic look and feel is inspiring at a time on the calendar when you may need it most. Pittards leather has long been used in cycling gloves, and from experience, we can tell you that we've always washed them in a machine. But, if you're looking for the approval to do so from the horse's mouth, Giro tell us that the LX gloves can either be machine-washed on cold or hand-washed in lukewarm water. - $55.96