Giro LX Glove - $51.96

If you're not ashamed of admitting to being a bit of a hipster, or you just want to defy the judgmental types and relive your netted-gloved youth, then you can't go wrong with the Giro LX Gloves. They're like a fine classic automobile with a gorgeous retro body, only its been completely overhauled to modern standards on the inside. Combining style and comfort like this is a Giro specialty. To start with the comfort, Giro included 3mm of its Technogel padding in the palm. Technogel is a proprietary polyurethane cushioning that molds itself to the body in order to help to dissipate the pressure load. Not only that, but Technogel absorbs impact up to 30% more efficiently than typical glove gels. And, perhaps most importantly, it doesn't break down over time. So, you can count on the same level of cushioned protection for the lifespan of the glove. We recognize that gloves in the past, especially gel-palmed gloves, used to overload the padding as if we're riding the cobbles of Roubaix at lunch. The result was a feeling that we weren't in control of the bars. The immediacy of our reaction time was compromised by the feeling of riding with oven mitts on our hands. Giro recognized this, and accordingly, used its Three-Piece Palm construction to make sure that there was sufficient padding for the weight-bearing points on the palm. Essentially, this place protection exactly where you need it without over-padding the entire thing. Giro designed the LX palm to mirror the hands' features and articulated movements, improving grip while keeping the tender and heavily used spots cushioned. You'll notice just how much better these gloves fit than that first incarnation of netted gloves you had as a kid. Gloves that bunch and start cutting off the circulation to the fingers are obviously the worst for your hands. So, Giro designed the LX around its Super Fit Engineering process in order to develop the gloves with a guided fit, design, and patterning. - $51.96