Giro LTZ Glove - $23.96

Ah, mid-summer cycling! The heat rolling off the tarmac in pulsing waves, hands so sweaty that they begin to prune, and the endless struggle to keep sweat out of your eyes. During rides like these, minimalism becomes your religion. You wish everything weighed less and covered less. You wish everything was like the Giro LTZ Glove. Giro designed the LTZ to weigh as little as possible. No fingers, no hook-and-loop-fasteners, and no palm padding. Just you, your bike, and a little bit of extra grip to keep you from slipping off the bars. Of course, the materials used in the LTZ are top quality. Giro would have it no other way. The back is made with four-way-stretch Lycra that allows air to blow through like there's no fabric there at all. Giro's Cool Skin synthetic palm pulls sweat away from your skin and ventilates well, thanks to a plethora of perforations designed to keep cooling air flowing through. The palm is an ergonomic three-panel design that feels natural in the grip position. The sweat-wiping area on the thumb is a highly absorbent micrfiber that pulls moisture away from your body and dries quickly. It's pretty safe to say the LTZ is a mid-summer specialist. Of course, you can wear it for three seasons, especially if you're notoriously warm-blooded. The LTZ may not be the best choice for a 150-mile day, due to the lack of padding, but if you're faced with a time trial, a brutal alpine climb, or a mid-summer sub-saharan death march, then this is the glove for you. The Giro LTZ Glove comes in sizes XS through XXL and is available in White and Black. - $23.96