Giro G10 MX Helmet - $69.98

With its distinctive visored profile, the Giro G10 MX Helmet has become the signature headwear of the backcountry stormtrooper. Slip it on, dial in the In Form fit system, and send it til your ears bleed. A lightweight EPS hard foam liner protects rapid-firing neurons from inconveniently-placed trees, rocks, and other immovable objects, while the hard polycarbonate shell brushes off the everyday wear inflicted by the bed of your pickup. The removable moto-style visor keeps both sun and fast-moving branches from reaching your face, and 14 adjustable vents keep your cranial temperature regulated. Giros Goggle Notch channel keeps your goggles in place, and you can add the TuneUps audio system (sold separately) to bring Jerry and Page along for the ride. - $69.98