Giro Advantage 2 Helmet - $82.50

Designed and tested in the wind tunnel, the Giro Advantage 2 has proven to be the most comfortable, well ventilated, and aerodynamic time trial helmet on the market. Giro has taken over 20 years of helmet design to establish their proprietary Super Fit Engineering. That means they create the helmet in three sizes based on 'human scale factors' data that they've amassed over their years of hand-crafting helmets. The helmets are intended to fit snugly and securely while still accommodating about 98% of the population's size variances. The idea is that it will look and feel like it has been custom made for your head. That might sound like a pretty big campaign promise, but Giro's development of their Roc Loc 5 Fit System has made it possible to make those micro adjustments. With the Roc Loc system, you can custom tune the fit tension as well as the fore and aft tilt of the helmet with one hand. Though other helmet manufacturers have similar adjustability options, none of them even come close to the weight of the Roc Loc system: it is almost 40% lighter than comparable systems. In a helmet style not typically known for being light, this is a significant reduction.Remember those days in the early 2000s when the UCI made it so that aero helmets had to have the same EPS safety foam as the regular road helmets' For those of you who never missed a Lance Chronicle, you'll remember the Giro guys going through all sorts of hell to get an aero helmet ready that would be acceptable to both the UCI and Lance. The Advantage 2 is the love child of that relationship. Through the use of In-Mold construction, the durable but light outer shell is permanently fused to the impact absorbing EPS foam liner. This process enhances the effectiveness of both parts. In fact, the fusion process actually reinforces those formerly vulnerable spots around the vents and ribs. Keeping your head cool during even the hottest, most critical time trials is something Giro focused a lot of attention on. - $82.50