Giordana Mid-Weight Polypropylene Long Sleeve Base Layer - $79.95

Chances are, your cycling wardrobe is built out for absolutes. By this, we mean that you have your summer gear and your winter gear. But, what about the shoulder seasons' This scenario provides the reasoning for Giordana creating its new Mid-Weight Polypropylene Sleeveless Base Layer. It adds a little more warming protection than Giordana's summer-weight base layer, yet it is definitely geared for the warmer months. For the construction of the base layer, polypropylene was selected over the standard polyester for both its moisture management and durability. Polypropylene and polyester are both polymers, meaning that they're both essentially plastics. However, where they differ is that polypropylene is hydrophobic to that point that it's unable to absorb water. And, as a result, it spreads moisture out over a larger surface area, which rapidly accelerates evaporation. So, in short, these fibers ensure that your torso will remain dry over the long haul. This means that, when coupled with the base layer's next-to-skin fit, you won't experience an chafing throughout your ride. And, in addition to this, the aforementioned characteristics will aid in maintaining a consistently even core temperature. The Giordana Mid-Weight Polypropylene Long Sleeve Base Layer is available in the color White and in four sizes from Small to X-Large. - $79.95