Giordana Laser Men's Compression Bib Shorts - $194.95

If you ask Giordana what 2013 means, you'll most likely hear 'fabrics' belted right back at you. Giordana isn't kidding. We've already seen the venerable FormaRed Carbon series touting a veritable laundry list of materials, and now, the same has been done to the Laser Compression Bib Shorts. New for this year, Giordana has placed a focus on its compressive efforts, and while it was at it, the formerly FormaRed-exclusive carbon has also been incorporated. Now, with more similarities than differences, the Laser is reconsidering playing second-fiddle to its older brother. Giordana uses its patented Moovix fabric for the much of the Laser's shorts construction. This material has an engineered omni-directional elasticity, which promotes complete freedom of movement. Don't worry, we understand that this is a rarity for compressive pieces. However, the moderate denier of Moovix naturally promotes a positive blood circulation to the heart, meaning that the more blood you can move to your muscles, the better your output and recovery will be. And while Giordana stakes the claim that Moovix will increase muscle output by 12%, we find that its most vital characteristics involve the inhibiting of muscle of oscillation from road vibration -- a common component to early onset fatigue. Moving to the inner legs and seat panel, Giordana placed an even stronger fabric called Zaffiro. This material is a certified Power Lycra with a composition weight of 200g/m2. But, unlike Moovix, Zaffiro features a purposefully denser weave with Giordana's SUPER 40 construction technology. This guarantees a continuation of Moovix's aforementioned characteristics, only with a higher level of durability and friction-reduction at the highest points of saddle abrasion. Around the area of the core, the Laser utilizes Kite mesh panels in order to effectively regulate your core temperature. Additionally, Giordana placed its new Ametista fabric around the waist as part of its Core Contour System. - $194.95