Giordana Heavyweight Carbon Base Layer - $74.96

Unless you live in the Arctic Tundra, you can survive most of the winter with just a long sleeve base layer and jersey. However, should you place your faith in the wrong base layer, this recipe for success will go sour, quickly. That's why we recommend the Giordana Heavyweight Carbon Base Layer for winter riding. With it, you receive a precise, Italian fit, a sophisticated fabric selection, and most importantly, a warm and dry ride quality. To achieve this, Giordana constructed its Heavyweight Carbon Base Layer from the Dryarn fabric, a relatively new kind of polypropylene fiber. Basically, it was designed with a winter-weight denier that's been knit into a tubular construction. The principle behind this is twofold. The tubular composition of the knit creates a varied density over the form of the base layer. Accordingly, the variation in thickness creates an enhanced level of body conformity, especially in consideration of the cycling position. In fact, you'll find that Giordana designed the fabric to be thicker over your chest, but thinner on your stomach; and thicker on the front of sleeves, while getting thinner around back. Essentially, Giordana has created a true next-to-skin fit that's at once comfortable and warming. And this brings us to the second design principle at work -- moisture management. As we all know, the warmer that you get, the more that you sweat. But, the question begs to be asked, where does all of the moisture go' With a simple cotton, the answer is nowhere. However, with the second-skin tubular Dryarn knit, moisture is rapidly transported away from the body. In fact, Dryarn's wicking capabilities are so immense that the base layer doesn't need a heavier weight in order to keep you warm. So, the minimal fabric weight promotes a greater ability to breathe, while actually keeping you warmer than most winter-weight fabrics. - $74.96