Giordana FormaRed Carbon Custom Women's Bib Shorts - $90.00

These Giordana FormaRed Carbon Custom Bib Shorts are designed to match Giordana's jersey of the same name. In many respects, it's a pity they're so specific, as these shorts are so good, you might want to wear them all the time, allowing them to mingle with non-matching tops. That's what you should expect from the FormaRed Carbon line. There are two ways that these bibs work their magic. One is the curved paneling that is a direct result of the Giordana Women's Contour Fit, a silhouette that isn't borrowed from their men's clothing, but designed around womens' curves. The other is the way in which the several fabrics work together. The front and rear center panels are Zaffiro fabric, a 200g power Lycra that is compressive and durable. The leg sides and back panels are made of Shield fabric, a 240g power Lycra that is compressive and soft against skin and holds sublimated colors like nobody's business. The seams are joined via flatlock stitching for comfort and durability. The cuffs and bibs are made from Aerofix, which is Ametista and Antigua fabrics bonded together. The Antigua is soft and perforated and next to the skin while the Ametista has carbon thread and limits stretch. The bibs are seamless and cut flat; hold them up and you'll see how the curves are created at the factory so they don't have to contort around your body. The pad is the Cirro OmniForm insert. This is Giordana's top-shelf chamois and it is designed around how women perch on a saddle. It's a variable-thickness stretch pad, 14mm at the thickest. The pad is perforated for venting. The top layer micro fiber is waffled for comfort and the threads are infused with aloe to better protect the skin. The Giordana FormaRed Carbon Custom Bib Shorts come in Black/blue, Black/pink, and Black/purple. There are reflective tabs sewn into the back of the legs. The inseam length of a size Medium is 8.5 inches, measured from the centerline of the insert to the edge of the leg hem. - $90.00