Giordana EXO System Long Sleeve Jersey - $259.95

We know what you're thinking, a long sleeve jersey for summer racing' Well, we'll let Giordana respond to your inquiry with a resounding 'yes.' Already being hailed as the next generation of cycling jerseys, the new EXO System Long Sleeve Jersey represents the pinnacle of compressive, cooling, and comfortable jersey design. Essentially, it's the jersey of the future. It's no secret that Giordana recommends wearing the EXO system as a 'system,' meaning that the jersey and shorts are intended to function as singular entity. However, while the EXO bottoms place a focus on compression, the jersey draws its inspiration from aerodynamics. The reasons for this are simple. While the benefits of compression design are easy to follow at the legs, your legs don't have lungs to worry about compressing. This imposition on breathing left Giordana to focus on aerodynamics at the torso and compression at the sleeves. Why the sleeves' Because the arms are the upper body's first response to road vibration and the resulting muscle oscillation. Accordingly, the EXO jersey features Giordana's newest fabric, Asteria 2.0, at the upper-sleeves, shoulders, and center back panel, and its Moovix material from the elbow to the wrist. Now, Asteria 2.0 isn't a 'compression' fabric. Instead, it features a relatively high composition weight of 130g/m2. However, where it lacks in fiber weight, it makes up for in threads per square centimeter, or TPC. Prior to this material, Giordana's HC44 fabric boasted the highest TPC in the cycling industry, at 44TPC. However, this high thread count is now shared with Asteria 2.0. Accordingly, the characteristics of this construction lend themselves to increasing the softness of the material, while concurrently improving the fabric's ability to conform to the body and manage moisture. So, with this balance of strength and conformity, the arms' muscle groups are thoroughly supported, while still retaining their ability for movement and flexibility. - $259.95