Giordana Arts Jersey - Short-Sleeve - Women's - $99.95

Giordana is striking a blow against symmetrical, racy, and cookie-cutter designs with their Women's Short Sleeve Arts Jersey. They realize that not everyone wants to dress like a racer, so they have this line for limited-edition looks. When the run is done, there will be no more, and you'll have to wait for next year to see what new designs are on offer. They start with the popular Michron fabric. This is the go-to jersey material of the past several years. It is light, wicks well, sublimates well, and is extremely durable. The design is sublimated into the fabric, with care taken to make sure that nothing distracts from the look. This is why they utilize a hidden full zipper and sublimated the pocket material to integrate with the design. The jersey dimensions are based on Giordana's Women's Contour Fit system, to make sure that it fits a woman's figure. In addition, there is no elastic in the sleeves, and elastic is lightly gathered at the waist to insure that the jersey is neither constricting nor rides up. The Giordana Women's Short Sleeve Arts Jersey has three pockets in back. Sizes run from X-Small through X-Large. - $99.95