Gerber Outdoorsman Axes - $44.88

Whether you are cutting firewood, trimming branches for your outfitter tent, or dressing a big-game animal, the Gerber XL Axe will do the job and not weigh you down on the pack in. The hollow extra-long handle, made of high-tech, super-tough, Polymid fiberglass, is durable and provides the extra leverage you need to turn the biggest logs into usable firewood without adding unneeded weight. The handle is so tough it can withstand direct blows from a sledgehammer. The high-carbon steel axe head is securely molded into the handle. Limited lifetime warranty.Wt: 53.6 oz.OAL: 23-1/2 Type: Axes. Handle: Bev Knives Tools.xlsx. Axe - Extra Large. - $44.88